Best Value Rowing Machine

The best value rowing machine, if you like the sound of water  the ProRower H20 RX-750 it will be a pleasurable experience for you. The Rx-750 will provide you with a decent cardio vascular workout. The RX-750 employs an state-of-the-art Hydro-Power Drive system that imitates the characteristics of actual rowing, with a polycarbonate water tank and an built in paddle system sitting at the feet. Similar to with real rowing, the water functions the main resistance system.

Excellent Workout!

Do you need a more robust workout? Row a lot faster. Want a lighter but easier workout? Reduce your rowing speed. There’s no necessity for the need to have any troublesome mechanical adjustments; instead, the water’s “natural adaptive level of resistance” offers all of the force back you may need. In addition, the workout is pretty relaxing and enjoyable, with an on-the-water encounter that provides and sounds similar to the real thing.

Giving the fact that we say this is the best value rowing machine, what can we say that we expect to come with the Rx-750. You will get an easy-to-read, large display and what that panel will do is keep monitor such things as your exercise time, your distance, your meter split time, your strokes per minute, and the amount of calories you burned, and your heart rate in association with the inbuilt heart rate receiver. And users will really like the simple-to-adjust, pivoting footrests, with a size that’s large enough to suit the entire family. Other highlights include an ergonomically designed handgrip that guarantees a pleasurable workout, a max weight capacity of 350 pounds, and a folding frame that measures less than 20 by 21 inches when stored or standing upright.

Good Customer Service!

If you have problem with your rowing machine they will help you to resolve the problem even if it is not their fault,that is why they get another star for being the best value rowing machine.

Best value rowing machine!

I am sure you have being searching for the best value rowing machine and you may have notice that, water rowing machines are expensive and right now your on the edge of buying one. The truth is there are better ones but not at the price range of this one.

Joint Pain!

If you are someone who suffers from joint pain then rowing will be great alternative to other exercises and equipment. The use of rowers are use by athletes of all backgrounds and a favored for physical therapy since it will provide at minimum the cardio workouts to at least stay in shape until they can get back in the game.


“High-quality rowing machine with innovative Hydro-Power Drive system Polycarbonate water tank and internal paddle system mimics feel of actual rowing Easy-to-read, oversized display panel tracks time, distance, calories, and more Comfortable, ergonomically designed handgrip; easy-to-adjust, pivoting footrests Folds for storage; measures 78 x 20 x 22 inches (W x H x D); lifetime frame warranty”


The company is based in the USA
The machine is quiet and light

The cord seems to break suggestion get extra one
Display monitor could be better

What are others saying!

“I have been eyeing a water rower for 4 years now. This seemed to be the right quality at the right price. I’ve had it a few weeks now and I just love it. The metal frame is heavy duty and sturdy, yet I have no problems lifting up the machine to stand it in the corner of my room when I’m not using it.Assembly was nothing more than attaching the rail to the main structure with some bolts and adding the water. I’m a 38 year old female with average mechanical abilities and was able to get it assembled within an hour which includes unpacking, checking for all parts, reading all instructions first, assembling and filling the tank.

I’m sure the fellas could do it in half the time. Anyway, the display is large and gives a lot of good information along with some simple programs, like ability to set a workout timer, etc. I didn’t buy the heart rate tracker so I can’t comment on that function. When you first start rowing, you think this seems too easy. But within the first few minutes you start feeling your thighs, abs, and back muscles starting to heat up. Try keeping that stroke per minute at 21 or higher for a half hour and you will feel it for sure! I’ve been dieting and exercising for 3 weeks now and I’ve lost about 15 pounds. Now that’s results for a girl who’s always been a size 14/16 her entire life. By the time beach weather rolls around, I know I will be looking better than I ever have.”

“Okay, I’m not going to talk about the tank, the belts, the bands, the seat and rail. Those things have been reviewed in other reviews a ton of times. Yes, they are generally good and work as expected. But, that’s what they are supposed to do, right? The real issue ”Click Here” to finish reading

I do recommend this water rower and although men can use this I would say that this is a perfect rower for a woman and if you are man, and you are looking for a harder workout than you need to “Click Here” and read this page.

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